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Types of Residential Fire Damage & Its Restoration in Destin

Fire damage occurrence devastates your property along with all its resources. At that time, restoration services come as blessings towards you. But before the restoration process, differentiating the types of fire damage to your resident is a must-know. To do the crucial task, Invictus Remediation comes a step forward and takes the necessary steps for damage control.

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What Are The Types of Residential Fire Damage?

The most common fire damage in houses is caused by kitchen or appliances accidents, electrical systems misconfiguration, HVAC system bursts and others. Each type of damage requires different restoration services. For this, identifying the type is important.

  • Type A: Inflammable materials such as plastics, cloths, woods, papers, rubber etc. can catch fire by accident and leave the ashes behind. This can be demolished by water or other extinguishers.
  • Type B: In this, combustible gases like gasoline, solvents, petroleum, tars, oil paints, alcohols and other substances can be caused by candles or kitchen appliances in your house. These hazardous types can be extinguished by foam extinguishers.
  • Type C: This type of fire is fueled by flammable liquids such as chemicals in your house - magnesium, sodium, lithium, potassium, titanium, or zirconium is burstable and catches a high-fumed fire. This kind of wildfire can be dampened down with carbon dioxide or other dry chemicals for reducing electrocution.

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