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Remediation of Mold from Water Leak in Ceiling in Destin & Tampa, FL

Heavy storms and wind have the potential to cause certain damages to your roofing. As a result, leaks may be created which may allow water to pass through and cause water damage in your attic and ceiling below. In situations like this, you need prompt water damage restoration to revert the damages and prevent mold growth.

Invictus Remediation is standing by 24/7 with IICRC-Certified technicians who can help with any kind of water damage you face. Moreover, if the water damage turns into a moldy situation, we also have the expertise to remediate the mold. Our mold remediation services are available in Baker, Navarre, Destin, Rosemary Beach, & other nearby areas in FL. Call us today at 850-821-3336  to get mold remediation services if you have mold from a water leak in the ceiling.

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Mold Affects The Health of Your Family

As mold grows, it decays the material it grows on. They love to feed on organic materials that are widely available in your attic and ceiling. In addition to causing structural damage, mold also releases thousands of tiny mold spores in the indoor air. These spores are harmful when inhaled and can be fatal for patients with breathing difficulties and asthma. Other known issues that could arise from spending a long period of time in moldy environments include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Sore throat
  • Nausea
  • High fever
  • Sore eyes
  • Skin irritation

Let Invictus Remediation Take Care of The Mold Problem

The topmost reason for mold is water damage. Fortunately, we offer water damage restoration services too. Hence, we can help prevent mold from forming if you call us in time. But usually, water leaks from roofs are not discovered until mold grows. Thanks to our IICRC-certified technicians, you can get rid of the mold easily and affordably.

Our mold remediation services are second to none. Other restoration services we offer include:

Simply give us a call at 850-821-3336 when you need our services or click here to contact us online and schedule an appointment.