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Heavy Snow & Ice Damage Restoration in Destin & Sarasota, FL

Nothing is more frustrating than having to cope with the damage caused by snow and ice. When the damage caused by a significant snowfall is severe, it is another concern to add to the growing list.

There is a possibility that you may end up with damaged windows, doors, damage to the roof, broken or frozen pipes, and a range of other issues. Even if you have all of the necessary equipment, there are instances when the snowstorm is so severe that the damage can't be rectified by yourself. In dire circumstances, the only viable choice is to consult with specialists.

But people living in Walton Beach, Destin, and other cities around our FL service area do not need to worry because Invictus Remediation is here to assist you on the Restoration. Our team is highly skilled and trained to restore your house no matter how severe the damage is. Contact us today at 850-821-3336 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.

Heavy snow and ice damage restoration

Damages Caused by Heavy Snow & Ice

    When your house is facing heavy snow, it can affect the following things in your house-

  • Frozen pipes: At this time, everyone is aware that freezing causes water to increase in volume. If there is water in your pipes when this occurs, the pipes may crack or burst under the strain of the water, which might result in serious water damage to the underneath of your property.

  • Roof Damage: The damage to your roof that may be caused by ice dams and winter storms can be severe. An ice dam forms when snow on the roof melts because of heat from the attic then refreezes and pushes water under the roof. This causes the water to back up. Ice dams are known to cause a variety of issues, including leaks in the roof and the destruction of the shingles. In addition, the sheer weight of snow may do substantial damage to your roof if it is allowed to accumulate.

Trust Invictus Remediation for effective Heavy Snow & Ice Damage Restoration

Invictus Remediation is renowned for providing restoration services that are highly reliable and effective. When it comes to storm damage we also provide other services such as wind damage restoration,  hurricane damage restoration, etc in Defuniak Springs, Pensacola, and other regions around our FL service area. So to take advantage of our services call us today at 850-821-3336.