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Carpet Water Damage Restoration in Destin & Fort Myers, FL

Invictus Remediation provides superior water damage restoration services for carpets. They can retain a lot of moisture inside their fibers & provide a breeding ground for molds. Our IICRC-certified specialists are equipped with special tools that allow us to extract that water effectively. Rely on the experts from Invictus Remediation to mitigate water & moisture from your carpets after water damage. Call us now at 850-821-3336 for emergency attention.

Spreading of Water from Carpets

Most households use carpets to cushion the floor and for aesthetic purposes. An appliance leak or a plumbing overflow could pour, large quantities of water onto the carpet, potentially damaging it & the floor underneath.

Similarly, a moderately big patch of wetness on your carpets could also mean significant damage to your floors. Carpets trap water in their fabrics. This water could cause harm to wooden floors. In such situations, contact Invictus Remediation right away!

We can help you with:

  • Water Extraction
  • Structural Drying
  • Damage Mitigation
  • Structural Restoration

Floor Water Damage Restoration

Unexpected water damage inside your home could also damage your wood floors. At times like, Invictus Remediation offers immediate solutions for a fast recovery. We can also help you with:

Count on Invictus Remediation for Fast Carpet Water Damage Restoration

The specialized crew from Invictus Remediation stands ready 24/7 to help our customers recover from unforeseen water damage scenarios. Our experts are available for carpet water damage restoration in Destin, Naples, Fort Myers, Pensacola, & more in our Florida service area. Simply call us at 850-821-3336 when you face water damage for a professional response.