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The Water Damage Restoration Process in Fort Walton Beach, FL

A severe leak or bad weather can cause water to end up in unexpected places in your home. To make matters worse, it has the potential to do significant damage that is difficult to repair. It’s important to begin the process of water damage restoration as soon as possible.

Contact Invictus Remediation for a water damage restoration process. We offer emergency services for water damage restoration, which means you need to seek the help of a professional water damage restoration process to assess and address the damage quickly.

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The Water Restoration and Clean-Up Process

Water Restoration and Clean-Up Process
    • Inspection and Assessment

"Detailed assessment" is the first phase in the water damage restoration process. Your restoration company's experts will assess the damage using specialized technology and instruments like a moisture detector and hygrometer to estimate how much repair work your home requires. The team of experts locates the damage and classifies it.

    • Water Removal

The second phase is water removal, which entails eliminating standing water via water extraction. To remove standing water from a home, water restoration professionals use extractors and high-powered vacuums.

    • Cleaning and Sanitizing

In-home restoration work and thorough cleaning are a must. Personal property is preserved to the greatest extent possible by specialists or professionals. Restoration professionals use different immersion or abrasive cleaning techniques to make sure everything is clean.

    • Complete Restoration

This is the final step of the water damage restoration process. During this stage, restoration professionals make sure that they return the house to its previous state. They fix, repair, or replace the materials or items that are damaged or removed.

Rely on Invictus for Water Damage Restoration Services

Contact Invictus for 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services. We are experienced in fixing burst pipes, toilet overflows, and appliance failures. We also provide water damage insurance claim assistance. So if you need a water damage restoration process in your service area, call us at 850-821-3336 to make an appointment.