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Structural Water Damage from Wet Insulation in Destin & Naples

Wet insulation will keep on damaging your property without proper attention from professionals. The experts from Invictus Remediation are prepared 24/7 to help homeowners recover safely when their insulation gets damaged by water.

We have the expertise to ensure your property is safe again from moisture-related issues. Our team is serving Destin, Fort Myers, Naples, Shalimar, & other areas in our Florida service area. Call us at 850-821-3336 for around-the-clock emergency response in Florida.

How Wet Insulation is Dangerous for Your Home

Insulation material can retain moisture for very long, meaning water is soaked inside it & will spread to nearby structures. This could lead to wood rot, & structural degradation. More ways how wet insulation damages your property:

  • Spreads Water Damage - The moisture from the wet insulation is absorbed by surrounding wooden structures, leading to widespread water damage.
  • Traps Water & Moisture - Most insulating materials used in homes soak up water quickly, making it a perfect, moisture-filled ground for mold growth.
  • Encourages Mold Growth - Not attending to the wet insulation may induce mold growth within a very short 24-48 hour window.

Water Damage Restoration in Callaway & Fort Myers

Invictus Remediation provides 24/7 immediate response for water damage emergencies. We have the right set of tools to contain the moisture, mitigate the damage, & prevent mold growth if you call us in time. Our team can help you with all kinds of water damage cases including:

Recover Safely from Wet Insulation Problems

Let Invictus Remediation help you recover from water damage issues arising from wet insulation. Even if you have a mold condition already, our professionals have the expertise to offer effective mold remediation. So do not hesitate, to call us at 850-821-3336 for expert attention!